Software that has been released for projects I have worked on, along with some personal code, can be found here.

Macsy: Modular Architecture for Cognitive Systems

Macsy is a framework for developing modular agents. Data is organised in blackboards. Computations are performed by modules that annotate the data in the blackboards. Modules communicate indirectly through the annotations that they leave in the blackboards. The framework enables the development of decentralised software agents for a plethora of applications.

JavaScript port of Bleakley et al.’s dynamic programming segmentation

Performs segmentation by dynamic programming and automatic selection of the number of change-points. Original Matlab code and documentation can be found here.

Snowball Stemmer for Slovenian in Java

Code in Java for a stemmer of Slovenian language, compiled into Java from this file. Discussion on the stemmer is found here. Credit to Bostjan Jerko and Martin Porter for the original implementation.